Sunday, July 12, 2009

Tempting Fate

Just A Few Flower Arrangements From One Of My Other Shops On Etsy , RealisticFlorals

Hello everyone!

This is my first attempt at creating a blog post, so here goes........
At the present time, I am technologically challenged, and relatively new to online selling venues. Learning has always been enjoyable, and that's great; considering all that I have been learning to do lately: navigation, typing, map reading, data entry, techi translation, and many new vocabulary words. All the stuff I thought I wouldn't ever need to use again; in Real Life. There has also been an exorbitant amount of new information, programs, tips, and applications in many different areas. Having a Business online mirrors motherhood; you need to be a jack of all trades. As a mother you don many roles: teacher, caregiver, friend, confidant, doctor, accountant, fashion consultant, and short order cook (to name a few). Where as having an online business requires a whole new set of diverse roles. One needs to become an exceptional photographer, a computer genius, master time management, and organizational skills, analyze charts and graphs, search for affordable unique supplies, and design (for a start). During the challenging times, levity, and common sense helps me cope. I personally adore short sayings, signs, clips, and quotes. Here are a few of my favorite coping mechanisms:

  • I Don't Get Hot Flashes....I Get Power Surges!
  • Make sure Brain is in Gear, Before Engaging Mouth
  • Don't Wish...Choose
  • Discover What Is Possible
  • What You Seek... You Surely Find
  • It Is What It Is...Now Deal With It
  • Just Do It
  • and finally, If It's not Working Change It

Well it's too late for me to change this, I hope it worked for you

Here are several of my Necklaces that I have listed in my shop and a few floral arrangements from my other shop

What Other Roles Have You Needed to Become Adept In, Being An Online Business Owner?

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